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A new generation of insert grades

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article image GC4240 for tougher demanding operations in steel milling.

TO give productivity a boost through improved performance in the toughness demanding operations in steel milling Sandvik Coromant is now introducing GC1030 and GC4240, the first in a new line of milling grades.

These two new insert grades have been especially optimised for shoulder milling but give a reliable and secure performance in other tough milling operations as well.

GC1030 is the perfect choice when machining difficult materials or in unstable conditions e.g. long overhangs with vibration problems. The improved wear resistance provided by the unique PVD coating makes it a versatile and reliable insert grade. First choice in smaller cutters or when endmilling.

GC4240 is a grade with completely new substrate and CVD coating offering higher security for trouble free machining. It is a versatile grade which can be adapted to various milling operations but should be considered first choice for shoulder milling and tougher demanding operations in steel milling and where high metal removal rate is important.

Both GC1030 and GC4240 have been uncompromisingly designed for modern machining where predictability and security are vital factors.

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