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article image Can be used for sequential start-ups.

Santron ’s Network Power Manager allows remote power management of numerous computers and network devices.

The maximum total current capacity is 15A. Two models are available, the MT15A for computers and the MT15B for hubs, routers and switches. The MT15A is equipped with four outlets that can be switched on and off independently. Each of these outlets has a corresponding serial port for controlled resets, and to issue the ring signal required to power-up many computers. Powering down non-critical devices can lengthen UPS back-up time for critical devices. Orderly shut-downs can first be requested via the serial port, then power can be disconnected after a preset time period. The MT15B has eight power outlets and can cycle power to individual hubs, routers, and similar equipment to assist in recovery from hung conditions. Both types of Network Power Manager can be used for sequential start-ups, where some devices need to go on-line before others for proper operation.

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