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Micro pitch space flexibility

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article image Available with up to 300 and 240 I/Os.

SAMTEC'S line of sub-millimeter micro pitch interfaces on .5mm (.197"), .635mm (.025"), and .8mm (.0315") pitch provide space and cost savings, along with the proven performance features of traditional blade and beam construction.

The .5mm (.0197") pitch systems are available for the popular 5mm (.197") board spacing (BTH/BSH series) and for low profile applications (LTH/LSH series) with a 2.31mm (.091") mated height.

The higher profile connector sets offer pin counts up to 360 in only 775 square millimeters of board space, while the lower profile options offer up to 100 I/Os in 185 square millimeters of board area.

For applications requiring slightly less density, Samtec offers its .635mm (.025") pitch (QTS/QSS series) and .8mm (.0315") pitch (BTE/BSE series) systems.

These products are available with up to 300 and 240 I/Os. Board spacing can range from 5mm (.197") up to 19mm (.748") for elevated applications.

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