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High speed interconnect system

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SAMTEC 's new RISE-UP high speed interconnect system (HSC8 series) uses controlled impedance PCB with embedded ground plane for improved performance over traditional connector sets.

The HSC8 series is capable of transmitting data in excess of 6.25Gb/sec and operate at up to 3.5GHz/differential pair in 25mm board stacking applications.

Connector interfaces (HSEC8/MEC8 series) allow traditional parallel board stacking as well as perpendicular daughtercard type applications and horizontal or coplanar "pizza box" applications.

Depending on signal integrity requirements various contact systems can be chosen for the a balance between performance and cost.

Off-the shelf systems are available with single-ended (50 or 70 I/Os) differential pair (33 or 46 I/O pairs) routing and provide a 25mm (.984) stack height. Application specific boards for other stack heights as well as custom signal and power requirements are cost-effective and available with quick turnaround.

Samtec's signal integrity division is also available to help customers during design of elevated board stacking applications.

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