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High speed connectors for board mating

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article image Samtec's high speed interfaces

LOCKING screw options have been added to Samtec 's .635mm pitch high speed interfaces (QTS-RA/QSS-RA Series) for mating boards in perpendicular and co-planar applications.

The addition of this feature significantly increases the ruggedness of the system and helps prevent accidental unmating due to "racking" of the boards.

Pin counts from 50 to 200 are available for perpendicular mating of boards such as in daughtercard applications and horizontal (co-planar) "pizza box" type applications.

Horizontal applications perform up to 1.75 GHz in a single ended configuration. Typical applications include servers, routers, set top boxes, network systems, switchers, hubs, bridges, industrial computers, test systems and RAID systems.

Samtec offers a complete line of micro pitch interfaces for high speed/signal integrity applications. Configurations on .635mm pitch are also available for parallel board stacking with 5mm, 8mm, 11mm and 16mm mated heights and up to 250 I/Os.

Additional systems are available on .5mm pitch (QTH/QSH Series) with up to 300 I/Os and .8mm pitch (QTE/QSE Series) with up to 200 I/Os.

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