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High density interconnect arrays

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article image Searay high density interconnects.

SAMTEC’S new Searay high density interconnects (SEAM/SEAF Series) provide a solid grid of contacts on 1.27mm pitch and up to 500 I/Os.

These connectors are the same footprint as the popular SamArray Series connector, but with added features and stack heights.

Lower insertion/extraction forces make the connector much more user-friendly and a choice of solder-crimps on the tails provide a choice of traditional tin-lead alloy or RoHS compliant tin-only for lead-free processing.

Stack heights of 7mm, 8.5mm and 10mm are offered along with array sizes of 8 or 10 rows by 20, 30, 40, or 50 pins per row.

Pins may be routed single-ended or differentially in Searay connectors.

Performance for the Searay at a -3dB insertion loss is 4GHz for single-ended applications and 9GHz for differential pair applications.

For dedicated differential applications, Samtec offers DP Array connectors (DPAM/DPAF Series) with performance of up to a terabit per connector with up to 168 useable signal pairs.

The signal pairs are on a staggered grid to reduce the number of grounds and to simplify signal routing on the boards.

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