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Differential high speed flex data link

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article image Easily modified for custom counts and cable lengths.

SAMTEC has introduced a new standard differential pair flex data link, the ZFHF series. This includes a .8mm (.0315") Q series socket or terminal on one end and a standard 43 pin .5mm (.0197") pitch ZIF flex termination on the other.

This provides 14 signal pairs with grounded pins surrounding each pair. Typical performance is up to 6Gbps per pair for a 5" (127mm) length and up to 90Gpbs for the entire data link. Performance for a 10" (254mm) data link is up to 3Gpbs per pair.

Samtec flex data links are also available with socket and terminal interfaces on both ends on .5mm (.0197") pitch (HFHM series) and .8mm (.0315") pitch (HFEM2 series) for high speed board-to-board connections in both single-end and differential pair signaling. ZIF terminations on both ends are also available on both the differential data link (ZFHF series) and single-ended (FJ and FJF series) systems.

These data links are easily modified for custom counts, cable lengths, guide posts, and terminations.

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