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Saito Hand Labellers - -The success story 20 years on

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article image Saito Hand Labellers - -The success story 20 years on

The usage of the incredibly versatile hand labellers, from Saito , is still on the increase. In an age of bar coding, RFID and expensive technology based traceability means, the humble hand labeller still holds it’s own and looks set to continue it’s usefulness for many years to come. Surprisingly, these products are used in a hugely diverse range of businesses.

Saito price markers or date coders are still being used in the smallest of business and community groups right through to their nation’s largest corporate organisations and the benefits are the same.

Simplicity, ease of use, and excellent cost effectiveness are all major benefits of hand labeller markers and their associated consumables. Saito has for over 20 years been not only a market leader with these products but a pioneer with it’s development in the New Zealand and Australian markets.
Faced with traceability problems from clients on a daily basis, Saito has often turned to our hand gun marking lines as a source for solution that fits with not only budget and ongoing operational cost constraints, but also provides clients with a range of hardware and consumables that is available off the shelf for almost immediate despatch.

This “guaranteed fast” philosophy for stock lines means improved operational efficiency and stock holding levels for clients. We fully recognise the consumables for these products can be an integral part of a client’s daily operations – dependability on consistent supply availability and an absolute guarantee of product quality has been a significant part of Saito’s business philosophy for many many years.

Part of Saito's ongoing relationship and product developments saw a new range of better quality, more robust and more user-friendly price marking tools introduced in 2006. The acceptance of these new products in the market has been excellent. The feedback received to date has been exceedingly positive towards these products and we are confident the extensive range of Saito hand tools will offer the durability and reliability demanded these days. And for those times when problems do occur, Saito are proud to be able to offer the services of one of the most experienced price marker technicians anywhere in the world.

Saito often provide technical advice and direction to the hardware manufacturers themselves, meaning the products are always at their absolute best from point of manufacture: their goal is always to ensure the products we offer are of the utmost quality BUT more importantly are capable of standing up to the unique usage environments which NZ and Australian businesses and their clients demand.

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