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Saimo’s Model F55 Pressure-Resistant Gravimetric Coal Feeder

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article image Saimo’s Model F55 Pressure-Resistant Gravimetric Coal Feeder

Saimo Technology  combines precision and reliability in their new range of pressure-resistant gravimetric coal feeders.  

Model F55 gravimetric coal feeders are specifically designed to continuously feed a precise amount of coal into a large electrical utility and industrial boiler.  

The coal feeders combine Saimo’s latest in-motion weighing technology with the specially designed digital controller.  

The gravimetric coal feeders are suitable for use in power plants, chemical industries and coal mines for fuel control, inventory monitoring and reporting of all kinds of pressurised boiler applications.  

Coal powder boilers have the coal feeder mounted under the bunker to continuously deliver the specified coal flow into the pressurised mill. The coal feeder is connected to the bunker via an inlet chute to allow positive coal loading on the belt of the coal feeder.  

Two high precision strain gauge load cells positioned under the weighbridge provide real-time coal weight as the belt loading passes through the weigh area.  

Belt speed is continually measured with a digital speed sensor whose pulse output is proportional to belt speed. The speed sensor is mounted on the tail-pulley to ensure accurate belt speed measurement and detection of any possible slippage.

The speed signal and weight signal are combined in the microprocessor-based integrator totaliser, which generates and displays a true-rate signal in TPH and the total quantity of material fed.  

A controller compares the rate signal to the setup feed rate and generates the necessary output signal to the frequency converter by means of PID regulation, changing the feeder’s belt speed to maintain the desired constant rate of material fed.  

This in-motion adjustment operation ensures continuous and constant coal feeding into the coal mill.

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