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SMW - E Series Multihead Weigher from Saimo Technology

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Saimo Technology  offers the SMW - E Series multihead weighers designed to provide a simple, accurate and reliable automatic weighing solution for a variety of industrial applications.  

Saimo’s multihead weighers are designed for applications such as snacks, nuts, confectionery, seeds, pet food and hardware among others.  

Key advantages of Saimo multihead weighers

  • High accuracy weighing saves costs by reducing product giveaway
  • High speed operation enables production efficiency
  • Advanced electronic technology ensures superior reliability and low maintenance requirement
  • Powerful statistic and networking capability facilitates production management
  • Easy operation via user-friendly interface

Features of Saimo multihead weighers


  • Stainless steel construction for all product contact parts
  • Hygienic design for easy cleaning, minimises product build-up
  • Interchangeable parts for easy maintenance
  • Single side opening bucket


  • Automatic Feeding Control enables automatic self-adjusting feeding duration and vibrator amplitude to generate smooth and accurate material feeding throughout the operation
  • Weight Distribution Control allows operator to set weight diversification inside the weighing buckets manually or automatically to achieve optimal weights combination, improving the speed/accuracy ratio
  • Stepper motor-driven feed buckets as well as weighting buckets are designed with variable speed and flexible opening angle for precision control, smooth operation and reduced operating noise


  • Independent Weighing Modules controlled via CAN open system provide excellent operating reliability and very low maintenance requirement
  • Individual Weighing Module is a compact integral housing containing electronics, stepper motor and load cell
  • The weighing modules are independently operated and interchangeable
  • High accuracy load cells and digital signal processing incorporated for optimum weighing accuracy
  • Advanced Digital Filtering enables the system to filter the vibrations from the environment to achieve best weighing performance


  • 12" user-friendly colour touch screen
  • 100-product memory
  • Comprehensive statistical package
  • Multi-language support
  • Factory networking capabilities
  • Fast and easy product changeover


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