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S70 Sweep Type Sampling Machines from Saimo Technology

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Saimo Technology  offers sweep type sampling machines designed to obtain representative bulk samples from flowing material on a conveyor belt.  

Model S70 sweep type sampling machines comprise of a sweep type sampling head or cutter, a drive device as well as position detector and come in dustproof steel housing.  

Accurate and reliable performance is ensured with a counterweight in the stainless steel fabricated sampling head or cutter of the sampling machine. The counterweight eliminates high eccentric loading.  

Driven by a geared motor, the rotary cutter head rotates a complete cycle allowing a full section of material on the moving belt to be obtained. The sample is then fed into the sampling unit via a chute for downstream crushing and division.  

Saimo’s sweep type sampling machines feature a compact design that makes them ideal for low headroom installations. The sampling machines can be conveniently installed by directly mounting them to the belt conveyors.  

The samplers are designed with skirting seals to prevent material spillage. Replaceable soft steel brushes and guide plates on all sides ensure the full section of material is sampled on the belt without damaging it.    

Key features of Saimo’s sweep type samplers

  • Obtains bulk samples from conveyor belt
  • Suitable for low headroom installations  
  • Directly mounts to belt conveyors enabling easy installation
  • Rectangular structural sections ensure adequate rigidity  
  • Direct drive design ensures positive stopping whether the belt is empty or loaded  
  • Skirting seals on sampler prevent material spillage  
  • Non-contact proximity switches for start-stop control  
  • Counterweighted sample cutter eliminates high eccentric loading

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