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Auger type sampling system and weigh belt feeder from Saimo Technology

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The weighing indicators from Saimo Technology offer features such as linear compensation, auto zero tracking, auto span calibration, digital electronic, speed input selection, self diagnostics, language selection, time and date input, multi-level password protection, double channel load cell input, zero dead zone, and so on. The weigh feeder from Saimo Technology offers one of the accurate and reliable solutions for totalisation, weighing and flow rate control for industries such as power generation, metalliferous ore blending, cement, quarry, chemical and food, etc.

The weigh belt feeder from Saimo Technology can be combined with a controller and PC system in order to create proportioning control system that incorporates various operational functions such as data collection, feed control, alarm, graphics and data display, batch control and data management can also be performed in terms of many production processes. The lad cell variety from Saimo Technology includes collection such as 9310Series, 9350Series, 9355Series, 9370Series, 9363Series, 9330Series, 9320Series and 9340Series. The two-stage sampling system from Saimo Technology is ideal in terms of smaller particle size and lower tonnages application. The Auger type sampling system is designed especially for extraction of representative sample from stationary trucks or railcars.

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