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Addressing the challenges of process manufacturing with ERP software

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article image Mike Lorge is Managing Director of Sage Business Solutions

One of the most heavily regulated industries, the process manufacturing segment is constantly seeking solutions to simplify operations.

Having just about recovered from the global financial crisis, process manufacturers continue to face challenges, especially from an ageing infrastructure and high production costs. Compliance with new environmental and safety regulations also presents difficulties; being proactive in their approach to these issues isn't always easy.

Given that inaction is no longer an option, the process manufacturing industry will need to evolve to cope with these issues. Implementing an ERP solution could be the best way for process manufacturers to succeed in a difficult environment.

One of the biggest difficulties faced by process manufacturing companies is the need to stay ahead of the competition. In a highly competitive market, businesses are desperately looking for a point of difference.

Process manufacturers have to maintain a delicate balance between providing great customer service and ensuring cost control. A higher spend can impact the bottom line while minimising the investment could jeopardise quality. Quality control must be at the centre of everything a process manufacturer does, but strict environmental and safety standards may make it difficult.

Every stage of the process is subject to heavy scrutiny, so companies need to gain a complete overview of their operations, enabling them to meet all the necessary regulations.

Given the many challenges ranging from an inefficient infrastructure to the need to constantly stay ahead of the game, it's hardly surprising companies are looking for ways to enhance their industry specific business processes.

ERP software gives ultimate visibility into projects, enabling process manufacturers to enhance the efficiency of their operations while reducing the risk of failure. Quality products and services result in a very satisfied customer, giving manufacturers the head start they so desperately need in a tough market.

A good ERP solution should be able to address all the challenges faced by a process manufacturer, leading to a more streamlined and efficient business operation.

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