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Faxing and remote e-mail solution

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ACCPAC International and Digi International have announced that mid-market enterprises, for the first time, can now route faxes to individual desktops through hardware that previously could only be used to connect remote employees to the corporate network.

The new, cost-effective solution will be made fully partitionable with up to 48 hook-ups, each being individually assignable for faxing or remote data connections.

"ACCPAC and Digi have come up with a truly affordable way for companies to extend their investment in remote access technology to make fax services a no-sweat part of every desktop or laptop PC. We're making faxing as automatic, time-efficient and inexpensive as email," Kate Holz, ACCPAC's Pacific Region general manager, said.

Previously, companies, Internet Service Providers, and Application Service Providers had to purchase hardware strictly for remote access as well as separate hardware for network faxing, and subscribe to separate Direct Inward Dial (DID) phone lines to route faxes to individual desktops.

By combining FAXserve software with DataFire RAS 24/48 hardware, ACCPAC and Digi are enabling companies to use a single server board to selectively handle remote access or individually routed network fax transmissions for up to 48 connections.

The companies also will soon release a fully partitionable server board for the same number of connections that can dynamically re-allocate inbound and outbound remote access and fax connections, depending upon network needs from moment to moment.

This will allow each connection to be designated for any of a number of specific functions, such as remote access, remote server administration, data networking, and desktop fax send-and-receive capabilities.

The combined solution reduces cabling, phone lines and services, and network management requirements, and can be scaled to support thousands of users and hundreds of digital line connections.

On-site and dial-in remote users now can affordably send and receive faxes through their existing network e-mail application directly from their desktop or laptop computer.

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