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Safety signs and stickers from Safetybugs

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Safetybugs  offers a wide range of safety signs and safety stickers. Safetybugs offers a wide range of safety signs including disabled, danger, emergency, door signs, exit, fire, class diamonds, hazchem, mandatory, notice, prohibition, warning, custom, water safety and multiple conditions.

Safetybugs creates danger safety signs in metal and polypropylene. Danger safety stickers are available in unique pack sizes suitable for various specifications. Danger signs are available with different types of cautions which includes ‘acid area no through fare’, ‘danger asbestos’, ‘danger asbestos removal in progress’, ‘danger authorised personnel only’ and many more.

Safetybugs offers disabled safety signs and stickers which indicate wheelchair access and other related facility at a glance. Disabled safety signs and stickers are available in metal and polypropylene in unique package sizes. Disabled signs indicating wheelchair and exit, wheelchair and parking, wheel chair and toilet, wheel chair and access, wheel chair and directional arrow either left and right, disabled pictogram, etc are made available by Safetybugs. Safetybugs offers wide range of signs solutions that are specially designed for displaying in public places and offices.

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