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Emergency safety signs from Safetybugs

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Safetybugs  offers a wide range of safety signs for display. Safetybugs offers emergency related facilities which includes first aid stickers in different sizes, emergency shower, emergency eye wash, boot wash, emergency breathing apparatus, emergency telephone, safety shower, first aid room, eye wash station, spill control station, emergency assembly point, first aid kit, emergency stop, ‘This door for emergency exit only’, first aid with directional arrows like left or right, first aid station, emergency dial 000 in case of emergency, emergency shower and eye wash, etc.

Safetybugs offers emergency signs like evacuation procedure which indicates ‘When alarm sounds leave immediately by the nearest exit’, ‘Proceed in an orderly manner to assembly point’ and ‘ Remain at assembly point until all-clear is given’. Safetybugs offers signs like ‘emergency main power cut off’ and ‘emergency main gas cut off’.

Safetybugs offers other emergency signs like ‘emergency assembly area’, ‘emergency phone numbers fire brigade, police, ambulance or ring’, etc. Safetybugs also offers a safety sign that advises the location of exits for directing people in case of emergency evacuations which includes exit, emergency exit, fire exit, etc.

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