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UniSafe safety caps from SafetyQuip

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SafetyQuip  specialises in the supply of diverse range of personal protection equipment including head protection, eye protection as well as hearing protection. Head protection devices from SafetyQuip include safety caps, headwear and other accessories. These head protective devices enable to protect the employees from sun, fire as well as exposure to falling objects. SafetyQuip also provides head protection devices combined with various accessories. Different accessory options from SafetyQuip include cap attachable earmuffs, face shield, wide brim, visors, neck flaps and cooling pads.

SafetyQuip supplies UniSafe range of head protection devices. UniSafe combo unit offers combinations of head, face as well as hearing protection. This is a vented safety cap consisting of low impact aluminium mesh visor. The bump cap from SafetyQuip is made from lightweight polyethylene and has been specifically designed for bump protection. SafetyQuip offers wide brim hat that is made from lightweight ABS plastic shell.

UniSafe vented safety cap from SafetyQuip is made of lightweight ABS plastic shell. This comprises of top vent that provides cool and comfortable protection. Other features include six point terrylene headgear, contoured sides and accessory slots. Cap attached welding helmet from SafetyQuip has shell design with lift-up front.

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