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Hearing protection devices like earplugs and earmuffs from SafetyQuip

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SafetyQuip  supplies diverse range of hearing protection devices. Various hearing protection devices from SafetyQuip include earplugs, earmuffs, electronic and speciality muffs. SafetyQuip offers E.A.R range of earplugs. Classic earplug is composed of moisture resistant foam with non irritating nature and suitable for fitting onto large, small as well as regular sized ear canals. TaperFit 2 earplug from SafetyQuip comprises of tapered shape with high attenuation features. UltraFit corded earplug is a reusable premolded earplug that has triple flange design for extra protection. Neon earplugs from SafetyQuip consist of bullet shape plug having smooth texture. These earplugs are available in yellow neon colour that enable easy compliance sighting. This also consists of an extra soft foam formulation providing lower pressure as well as softer feel within the ear canal.

SafetyQuip provides Sonomax custom fitted as well as measured hearing protection solution. This hearing protection system comprises of easy care ear piece that has been designed for providing maximum comfort. This hearing protection solution from SafetyQuip has also been calibrated to provide optimum communication as well as protection. UniSafe zone series earmuffs from SafetyQuip offer colour coded zoning performance and made of lightweight ABS plastic. These earmuffs are available in conjunction with headband as well as cap attachments. UniSafe headband earmuff from SafetyQuip comprises of plastic ear cups in combination with non allergic cushions.

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