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Sydney Safety Show 2012: TempLink, FrogLink and TileLink anchors from SafetyLink [VIDEO]
05.08.2013 - SafetyLink's Daniel Poldmaa discusses the company's TempLink temporary anchors, FrogLink permanent roof anchors and TileLink height safety anchors.
FrogLink permanent roof anchors for metal roofs from SafetyLink
04.04.2013 - SafetyLink presents the FrogLink roof anchors designed for metal roofs.
TileLink height safety anchors from SafetyLink
19.04.2012 - SafetyLink designs and manufactures a wide range of height safety anchors.
REC.HELM005 Helmets for height safety from Safetylink
25.11.2011 - REC.HELM005 Helmets from Safetylink are specifically designed for height safety. They are available in four colours.
SafetyLink introduces new TempLink temporary anchors for metal or tile roofs
04.11.2011 - SafetyLink presents a patented range of height safety anchors for use for a temporary period of time in locations that do not need to be revisited.
Static line height safety systems available from SafetyLink
03.08.2011 - SafetyLink are manufacturers of height safety anchor and static line systems which provide restraint and fall arrest safety for those working on all types of buildings and industrial sites.
Ladder cages from Safetylink
10.06.2011 - SafetyLink’s design team has been working overtime for the last decade to improve height safety. Ladder cages are among their ladder safety products.
Height Safety Anchors from SafetyLink
22.03.2011 - Height safety anchors such as the FrogLink and the TileLink from SafetyLink are proven safety anchors designed for use when working at heights.
RetroLink tube from SafetyLink
18.11.2010 - RetroLink tube from SafetyLink enables anchors to be installed just about anywhere.
FrogLink surface-mounted anchors from SafetyLink
17.11.2010 - FrogLink surface-mounted anchors from SafetyLink reduce installation time.
TileLink roof anchor for height safety, from SafetyLink
14.05.2010 - TileLink roof anchor from SafetyLink is made to a patented design which has unique energy absorbing qualities to reduce the risk of injury should a fall be arrested.
Safety anchors from SafetyLink
13.05.2010 - All SafetyLink safety anchors are manufactured from a unique patented design which absorbs energy.
Height safety anchors from Safetylink
12.05.2010 - All SafetyLink height safety anchors are designed with quality in mind and are tested extensively to comply with Australian and New Zealand safety standards.
Patented TileLink anchor point available from SafetyLink
06.05.2010 - SafetyLink’s TileLink is a unique anchor point, with its patented design TileLink can absorb energy if a fall was arrested, reducing the risk of injury to the person and damage to the structure.
SafetyLink quality tested height safety anchors
15.04.2010 - SafetyLink extensively test all their height safety anchor points, static lines and ladder stabilisers.
SafetyLink provides Quality Tested Rated Anchors
14.04.2010 - SafetyLink manufactures a range of height safety equipment such as energy absorbing safety anchors, staticline systems, permanent ladder systems and ladder stabilisers.
SafetyLink offers information for working at heights for common household owners
12.04.2010 - SafetyLink distributes height safety anchor points all over Australia and New Zealand which are used for commercial buildings, residential buildings and specially engineered projects.
Safetylink’s energy absorbing Froglink safety anchors
12.04.2010 - SafetyLink has been providing height safety anchors for the building industry for over 15 years.
TileLink Height Safety Anchors from SafetyLink
12.04.2010 - SafetyLink provides height safety anchors for the building industry. Their anchors are energy absorbing, tested and have been manufactured as per the Australian and New Zealand standards. Their TileLink is one such designed height safety anchor.
Height safety equipment from SafetyLink complie with Australian and New Zealand standards
09.04.2010 - SafetyLinks height safety equipment and roof safety anchors all comply with the Australian and New Zealand Standards.
SafetLink's energy absorbing Froglink safety anchors are now available
08.04.2010 - SafetyLink's energy absorbing safety anchors are uniquely designed unmatched quality anchors.
Safety anchors from SafetyLink are tested to Australian and New Zealand safety standards
10.03.2010 - SafetyLink carry out extensive multi-directional testing on their safety anchors to ensure they consumers are working to maximum safety at heights.
Height safety anchors from SafetyLink
09.03.2010 - Now available from SafetyLink, height safety anchors can be used on a range of different types of structures.
Roof Anchor Points, available from SafetyLink
03.03.2010 - SafetyLink’s Anchor Points are designed for extra security when working at heights and whenever on the roof, for example; when installing a solar hot water system.
Comprehensive Range of Roof Safety Products available from SafetyLink
03.03.2010 - SafetyLink offers a comprehensive range of roof safety products, which can help prevent a serious accident when working at heights or installing a roof insulation.
Abseil safety anchors available from SafetyLink
17.02.2010 - SafetyLink's abseiling eyebolt is a fall arrest anchor which uses the same tapered concept as SafetyLinks standard eyebolt but incorporates a broader design enabling the eyebolt to withstand a live load without activating the bending motion that occu
Safetylink height safety anchors
17.02.2010 - Working at heights safely and protecting those at heights is SafetyLink’s focus.
Ladder brackets now available from SafetyLink
01.02.2010 - SafetyLink has made working at heights a safe and reliable way whilst working on roofs with the introduction of their new range of ladder brackets.
FrogLink metal roof safety anchors from SafetyLink
22.01.2010 - The FrogLink safety anchor, available from SafetyLink, is an ideal choice of anchor for any metal roof.
SafetyLink’s TileLink tile anchors
21.01.2010 - SafetyLink’s TileLink is quick to install, and is an ideal anchor for tile and slate roofs.
The RetroTube safety anchor point from SafetyLink
15.01.2010 - The RetroTube from SafetyLink is a height safety anchor point best used when there is little or no access from underneath a metal roof/steel purlin structure.
SafetyLink introduces the FrogLink safety anchor point
14.01.2010 - SafetyLinks patented FrogLink safety anchor point is perfect for any metal roof.
WindowLink safety anchor points now available from SafetyLink
13.01.2010 - SafetyLink patented WindowLink is a safety anchor point used in concrete and steel column structures.
Safetylink announce the release of Tilelink building safety equipment
11.11.2009 - SafetyLink’s TileLink roof safety equipment is an ideal solution for roof safety.
SafetyLink’s roof safety anchor
10.11.2009 - The FrogLink from Safetylink is an ideal solution to height safety. The FrogLink has been designed to absorb energy.
SafetyLink's height safety anchors make their mark at The Safety Show
03.11.2009 - Recently SafetyLink participated in the 2009 Sydney Safety show and had a fantastic response to their height safety equipment.
Permanent ladder with retractable stile set available from SafetyLink
25.05.2009 - A permanent ladder with retractable stile set is available from SafetyLink. The retractable stile set has an automatic closing latch, which is used for extending stiles through roof hatches. The permanent ladder has swaged rungs with strength and rel
RafterLink anchor points with adapters available from SafetyLink
27.04.2009 - The RafterLink with adapter, available from SafetyLink, is a permanent anchor point designed for use on timber structures where there is access to the underside of the roof. It can ensure safe work practices when working at heights.
TileLink anchors available from SafetyLink
24.04.2009 - SafetyLink’s TileLink is an anchor designed for tiles and slate roofs and is quick to install. The TileLink anchor combines energy absorbing capabilities with a design that is invisible when looking a
Fixed ladder brackets available from SafetyLinks
23.04.2009 - SafetyLink fixed ladder bracket is a permanent anchor point designed to stabilise ladders. The fixed ladderLink/bracket has securing points to tie off the ladder providing a safe access point, elimina
ConcreteLink anchor points for concrete structures available from SafetyLink
22.04.2009 - SafetyLink ConcreteLink is an anchor point used in concrete structures. ConcreteLink anchor point can ensure safety when working at heights.
Patented WindowLink anchor point available from SafetyLink
21.04.2009 - SafetyLink patented WindowLink is an anchor point used in concrete and steel column structures. The WindowLink can be placed outside or within the structure making easy access for window maintenance.
Permanent ladder systems from SafetyLink
20.04.2009 - SafetyLink’s permanent ladder systems are in a class of their own. The permanent ladder range is now available, this new system is easy to install and manufactured to SafetyLink’s high standards.
SafetyLink’s FrogLink unit reduces installation time
26.09.2008 - SafetyLink’s surface-mounted multi-directional FrogLink unit has been designed for height safety applications.
CableLink anchor available from SafetyLink
25.09.2008 - Quick to install, the SafetyLink’s patented CableLink is the perfect anchor for tile and slate roofs. It combines energy absorbing capabilities with a design that is invisible when looking at the roof.
Height anchors available from SafetyLink
15.05.2008 - The new RetroLink anchor from SafetyLink can be installed onto a metal C or Z purlin, where no access is available from underneath the roof.
Advance Staticline introduced by Safetylink
20.02.2007 - Safetylink has introduced Advance Staticline a powerful energy absorbing end anchors and intermediates.
SafetyLink SurfaceLink Staticline
15.12.2006 - The SurfaceLink Staticline System is a series of anchor points connected by wire cable, to be used on a steel roof profile as a permanent Anchoring system.
Eyebolt safety
22.11.2005 - SAFETYLINK'S revolutionary eyebolt takes height safety to the next level. The eyebolt’s patented designed enables it to absorb up to 60% of the force of a structure when it captures a fall. This unique concept means SafetyLink's eyebolt and anchors a
Height safety eyebolt
15.09.2004 - HEIGHT Safety Services has released the Safetylink eyebolt. The unit can bend like a fishing pole, starting from the top and working its way down to the base.
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