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Sydney Safety Show 2012: TempLink, FrogLink and TileLink anchors from SafetyLink [VIDEO]

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article image SafetyLink @ Sydney Safety Show 2012

In this video from the Sydney Safety Show 2012, Daniel Poldmaa discusses SafetyLink ’s TempLink temporary anchors, FrogLink permanent roof anchors and TileLink height safety anchors.

SafetyLink's height safety anchor product range includes:

  • roof anchors
  • static line systems
  • permanent ladder systems
  • ladder stabilisers
  • temporary anchors; and
  • personal protection equipment.
The new TempLink temporary anchors are suitable for use on metal or tile roofs and are designed to absorb energy when a fall is arrested, minimising damage to the structure and reducing the risk of personal injury.   

Extensively tested to Australian and New Zealand standards, these anchors are rated at 24kN and feature a 316 stainless steel patented energy absorber. Portable, lightweight and relocatable, they are single person anchors with webbing treated to aid in repelling UV light and dirt.

FrogLink roof anchors are designed for metal roofs and are suitable for permanent attachment to all metal profiles with a single row of attachment holes, allowing easy installation. The low profile reflective design of these anchors enables any commercial or residential building to maintain an aesthetically pleasing facade. In addition, the dynamic design reduces the load back onto the structure and person attached to the anchor from 25.76kN to 3.1kN.

The innovative TileLink height safety anchors are designed to be fixed to a timber or metal rafter with five roofing screws. They have five alternate fixing rows that enable the anchor to be positioned to suit the pattern of the roof tile.

TileLink height safety anchors fit snuggly between the existing tiles, eliminating waterproofing issues and are also easy to install. Tested and manufactured to AS/NZS 1891, they are rated as a two-person anchor at 22kN.

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