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The SurfaceLink Staticline System is a series of anchor points connected by wire cable, to be used on a steel roof profile as a permanent Anchoring system. The unique tapered design maintains its strength in the event of a fall while minimising the impact on the structure and the user.

The SurfaceLink Staticline system is a series of anchor points connected by wire cable, to be used on a steel roof profile as a permanent Anchoring system; with all preparation done on the surface of the roof.

The Safetylink Intermediate T-bolt, End Anchor Taper Bolt and Corner Unit are three components used in the staticline system. Assembling these anchor points with a wire cable makes traversing a safe and uncomplicated means of transport. The Staticline system is designed to enable movement along the wire cable avoiding unclipping in between anchors points. This is done by using the patented SafetyLink shuttle. The shuttle travels along the wire cable and passes over the T-Bolts generating a free flow along the staticline system.

SafetyLinks SurfaceLink Staticline System utilises three Anchors the SurfaceLink End Unit, SurfaceLink Corner Unit and the SurfaceLink Intermediate T Bolt. The SurfaceLink End Unit and SurfaceLink Corner Unit consist of SafetyLinks patented Taper Bolts, the Taper bolt is designed to absorb energy when a fall is arrested, guarding against severe damage to the structure and risk of personal injury. The Intermediate T-bolt is also designed in the same manner.

Each Surface Mounted Anchor’s construction includes surface mounted plates. The surface mounted plates have pre drilled holes for correct placement of the SurfaceLink; these holes are used also as a stencil for drilling holes through to the roof sheet surface, preparing the plates to be riveted to the steel roof sheet surface.

The SurfaceLink has had along with all Safetylink products extensive testing to Australia and New Zealand Standards. SafetyLink has designed straight forward installation manuals, facilitating cost effectiveness along with safe work practices.

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