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RetroLink tube from SafetyLink

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RetroLink tube is available for purchase from SafetyLink . The tube can be installed either vertically or horizontally and is easily installed into concealed areas. It is able to fit to steel columns and beams and no access is required to do so.

In situations where there is no access available from underneath the roof the tube can be installed onto a metal C or Z purlin. The anchor used in these circumstances is an abseiling and fall arrest anchor whose design does not require any special tooling and only minimal penetration into the roof sheeting.

The RetroTube and Washer component is a versatile unit able to accommodate any 16 mm threaded component. Installation is simple requiring only one hole to be drilled into the roof sheeting and through the purlin. A waterproofing washer combined with an O ring then seals the hole.

The Retro Eyebolt has been tested to over 22kN and has been designed to bend like a fishing pole reducing the load back on the structure and the person attached to anchor.

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