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Advance Staticline introduced by Safetylink

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Safetylink has introduced Advance Staticline a powerful energy absorbing end anchors and intermediates.

SafetyLink’s staticline range uses the patented tapered design which was developed and tested to maximize energy absorption while retaining its strength when arresting a fall. Staticline’s tapered design enables it to bend like a fishing pole to reduce the load back on the structure and the person attached to the staticline.

Staticline has a sleek design with maximum effectiveness. Advanced mobility with SafetyLink pass through intermediates.

SafetyLink’s new end anchor is a single post developed to cope with the weight of the cable while being able to absorb energy in the event of a fall.

SafetyLink’s new surface mounted plate is made from marine grade aluminium and is a light weight design using only one plate which has been developed to fit a multitude of profiles. The plate fits directly to the top of the profile on the roof sheet ensuring water passing through the pan does not settle on the anchor.

SafetyLink’s Staticline Shuttle and intermediate T-Bolts have been design as the ultimate pass through system. The SafetyLink intermediate T-Bolts is a fully forged one piece unit designed for maximum strength and use.

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