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Hazard management system from Safety and Occupational Services

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Safety and Occupational Services  provides occupational health and safety management systems. Occupational health and safety solutions manage any hazard that takes place in work station which includes risk assessment, hazard identification and elimination. Hazards basically arise from the use of machinery and substances, the work environment, inappropriate systems, procedures and poor work designs.

Safety and Occupational Services defines hazards into five general areas which includes physical like noise, light, radiation, vibration etc., biological like plants, viruses, parasites, etc. chemicals like poisons, dusts etc., psychological like violence, fatigue, bullying etc, mechanical and electrical like trips, slips, tools, falls and electrical equipment etc.

Safety and Occupational Services minimises various hazards in the following order first and foremost by substituting the machinery and system of work, isolation the hazard, minimising the risk by introduction of engineering controls like guard rail and scaffolding, minimising the risk by adopting various administrative controls like safe work practices and warning signs, finally by using personal protective equipment like hearing protection, safety glasses and fall arresters.

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