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Laddermate raises the bar for safety

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article image Support bar increases effective width to more than 800mm.

A LADDER stabiliser, independently tested by TestSafe Australia, is being introduced nationally to help prevent one of Australia's most common types of serious industrial and domestic accidents.

The Australian-designed Laddermate, available from Safety Tape and Mesh branches throughout Australia, is designed to prevent falls where ladders slip because of users over-reaching.

Safety Tape and Mesh product manager Brad Bennett said Laddermate featured a support bar that increased the effective width of any ladder to more than 800mm at roof level.

"We had the Laddermate independently tested by TestSafe Australia in a normal use simulation, where a direct loading onto the cross bar of 1.8kN (180kg) was applied before there was distortion of the securing clamps,” he said.

“While AS/NZS 1892.1/1992 "Portable ladders, Part One, Metal" does not cover ladder accessories, this loading is 50 per cent higher than the load requirement for industrial-rated ladders as stated in AS/NZS 1892.1, and in excess of the design criteria of the ladder itself."

Extra safety is provided by large rubber stop grips at both ends of the support bar to eliminate slippage on roofing, guttering, fascia or overhangs on buildings and structures undergoing construction or maintenance.

Laddermate's large stand-off brackets also work to effectively prevent damage to gutters, roofing iron and tiles, cladding and fascias.

“This feature also provides a strong and secure position for exit and entry onto the roof, which is also a major risk activity,” Mr Bennet said.

Uses can range from construction and maintenance work on factories, warehouses, workshops, commercial storage sheds and silos and commercial buildings, through to roof repair, renovations, or clearing of gutters on houses, sheds and garages to remove bushfire risks.

Ruggedly designed for home and workplace use - and particularly suitable for use by building, construction, electrical, farm and other tradesmen frequently working at heights -the Laddermate is constructed from quality lightweight cast and extruded aluminium sections with a total weight of only 2.6kg.

The simple and user-friendly design is easy and quick to install and use and equally easy to carry about in a ute or van. Laddermate is fully backed by a comprehensive 12 months manufacturer's warranty.

"Experience and studies show that any work conducted at height involves high risk, and any fall can result in major injury resulting in lost time - a cost no business or tradesman can afford," Mr Bennett said.

“In addition to providing improved safety and confidence when working from a ladder, Laddermate helps employers and tradesmen to fulfill their duty of care to employees and themselves.

"One of its big pluses is that it is so simple and straightforward to use - the benefits and ease of use are so self-evident that it encourages safety by simplicity and clever design."

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