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MaxiGard 5 cut resistant gloves available from Safety Mate

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SAFETY MATE’s  MaxiGard 5 gloves offer total hand protection. Many glove users are not familiar with Australian Standards on hand protection.

If safety gloves genuinely comply, then they should have a 4 digit number printed on the gloves in a visible position.

Each of these 4 digits refers to a level of specific protection, ranging from abrasion protection to cut protection.

The details of these digits are as follows:

The 1st digit is for abrasion protection (highest score being 4), the 2nd digit is for cut resistance (the highest score being 5), the 3rd digit is for tear resistance (the highest being 4) and the 4th digit is for puncture resistance (the highest score being 4).
MaxiGard 5 cut resistant gloves consist of a patented micro foam coating on a cut resistant liner. The score levels achieved by MaxiGard 5 gloves were 4543. As can be seen, these scores are for the most part, the highest achievable. 

The actual cutting index achieved was more than 120 times, meaning that they were six times the requirement for a level 5 glove. Importantly, the back of the hand, which is uncoated, also achieved a cut level 5.

At the same time, the gloves offer dexterity and comfort and in a range of sizes to suit all hand sizes. MaxiGard 5 cut resistant gloves can be used in all situations where there is a high risk of hand cut injuries as well as all other hand injuries.

MaxiGard 5 cut resistant gloves are suitable for many industries including sheet metal, sheet glass, plastic, paper, metal, glass, engineering, bottling, automotive and mining.

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