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Safety Eyewear Optometrists to manufacture prescription safety glasses as per ASNZs 1337.6

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Optometrists at Safety Eyewear Optometrists are delighted at the recent release of the proposed new Australian Standard ASNZs 1337.6. The new standard offers solutions to industrial eye safety needs, which previously could not be achieved. Prior to this new standard ASNZs 1337.6, completed prescription safety glasses could only be legally manufactured to low impact standards. 

Many industrial, manufacturing and resource companies will benefit from this new standard ASNZs 1337.6. The many benefits include:  

Better protection through medium impact:

Until now, the visually impaired who required medium impact protection could only wear special prescription inserts under their goggles or wear safety over spectacles on top of their normal prescription glasses. Both methods resulted in problems such as fogging, restricted vision and restricted movements, uncomfortable wear, and not to mention an unsightly look, all of which resulted in decreased wearing compliance by employees.  

Compared to previous methods used to obtain medium impact, completed prescription safety glasses made to new medium impact standards will allow for:   

  • Increased comfort 
  • Increased protection
  • More fashionable look
  • Less fogging
  • Less restriction on movement and visual sight
  • Better compliance from employees  
Less insurance claims through certification requirements of manufacturers:
The Australian Standard ASNZs 1337.6 requires manufacturers of prescription safety glasses to be licensed. This is an ideal benefit to end users (as it will ensure higher quality products for better protection), and to employers, as all products will be traceable to the manufacturer.  

Strict certification requirements by SAI global include expensive testing of a multitude of frame and lens combinations, followed by ongoing batch testing. Each industrial prescription safety glasses manufactured by the certified manufacturer will carry the fiveticks standards mark and a certificate with the manufacturers’ license number for tracking if required.  

According to Safety Eyewear Optometrists, having its prescription safety glasses being manufactured to this new safety standard will help reduce lost time injury (LTIs) and workers compensation claims for many companies. The new standard ASNZS 1337.6 is definitely a win for both companies and employees.  

Safety Eyewear Optometrists can also arrange for eye testing in relation to the prescription safety glasses if required.

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