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Fan supplied respirator from Safety Equipment Australia

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Safety Equipment Australia  specialises in the manufacture of high performance respiratory protection equipment. Safety Equipment Australia offers wide range of high performance respiratory guards for safeguarding the health and well being of the people. Safety Equipment Australia was established in 1984 and offers various respiratory protection equipment like SE-Shield, Sundstrom, S.E.A products, etc.

Safety Equipment Australia offers extensive range of the SE-shield systems which includes Fan unit SE400AT-2, Fan Unit SE40 CBRN, face pieces, filters, cartridges, battery management, carry devices, protective suits and accessories.

Fan unit SE400AT-2 is a fan-supplied breath-responsive demand respirator with positive pressure. Fan unit SE400AT-2 is a fan supplied respirator that draw contaminated air through the filters which indicates that all the excessive breathing is carried out by the respirator and eliminates extra work load for lungs. Extra work can lead to exhaustion, raised pulse, fatigue, sense of discomfort, increased body temperature and high blood pressure in case of non-powered devices. The SE400 from Safety Equipment Australia provides clean and fresh air with the help of positive pressure demand respirator.

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