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Stretch tape wrapper welcomed in the US

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article image Double handling and spoilt product eliminated.

THE move to use stretch tape for pallet wrapping is gaining strength after a demonstration of 3M stretch and the Safetech semi-automatic stretch wrapper tape in California.

During April, Safetech spent two weeks trialing a stretch tape wrapper with 10 customers in the Fresno region of Northern California. The trial was a runaway success and resulted in immediate tape wrapper orders.

Using 3M stretch tape for pallet wrapping provides load stability equal to or better than stretch film in most situations.

For some of the Fresno customers stretch tape could be used on pallet loads where stretch film had failed to provide adequate load containment. Vibration damage to the produce was reduced, as was double handling.

Additionally stretch tape has the great advantage of up to 90% reduction in the volume of waste plastic. For customers who require ventilation for their products stretch tape is the cheapest and easiest way to contain their loads.

Double handling and spoilt product are eliminated when stretch tape is applied at the point of production to foods that are chilled and then transported.

Safetech designs and manufactures the only stretch wrap machines that can apply stretch tape. These wrappers are available as semi-automatic or fully automatic models and are in use around Australia.

The semi-automatic wrappers use a simple touch pad interface and are able to apply stretch tape accurately and efficiently to all loads.

Automatic stretch tape wrappers are supplied with infeed and outfeed driven conveyor and can be integrated into fully automatic pallet handling systems.

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