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Stretch tape wrapper - an Easter bonus for egg producers

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article image Effectively wrapping palletised eggs with Safetech’s Stretch Tape Wrapper.

LYNDALE poultry, a Gippsland egg producer, has solved a longstanding industry problem by wrapping its pallet loads of eggs in 3M Scotch stretchable tape using a Safetech Stretch Tape Wrapper.

Transportation of palletised eggs has long been a significant problem for egg producers. Eggs have a water permeable shell and "sweat" after they have been packaged.

If pallets are wrapped in stretch film then this moisture is trapped and the cartons and boxes become soggy - leading to product damage and loss.

Ventilation of palletised eggs is therefore essential but until the advent of stretch tape all other products had been difficult to apply and expensive.

Netting is hard to apply and remove and is unpopular in factories and warehouses because of its tendency to foul machinery. Corner boards were used with netting, which further increased costs and created an extra waste disposal issue.

These problems are now a thing of the past for Lyndale Poultry. The trial and subsequent purchase of a Safetech Stretch tape Wrapper to apply 3M Scotch stretchable tape has been a very popular innovation.

Owner and manager Lawrie Powter reports that the stretch tape is one of the most popular and successful new product purchases that the company has made.

Not only does the company now have an effective means of wrapping palletised eggs but they also have eliminated the manual work and risk associated with wrapping pallets. Combined with this is the major environmental benefit of nearly 90% waste reduction by volume.

Storage of tape rolls also requires far less space than if they were using stretch film. Roped stretch film was considered but found to provide inadequate load stability and did not eliminate the issue of "sweating" and moisture damage.

Safetech are the designers and manufacturers of the Stretch tape Wrapper, which is also available in a fully automatic model capable of wrapping 60 pallets per hour.

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