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Strawberries and cream for Safetech stretch wrapper

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article image Safetech’s stretch wrapper ensures produce remains fresh.

SAFETECH’S 3M stretch tape wrapping system has received a sweet endorsement from the world's leading strawberry producer, Driscoll’s Strawberry Associates, based in California, US. One demonstration of the stretch tape system was enough for Driscoll’s to commit to their first Safetech stretch tape wrapper. Two months later they purchased four more wrappers for use in their Mexican farms.

Driscoll's strawberries are transported across North America securely wrapped in 3M stretch tape. The end result for the customer is a fresher strawberry with increased shelf life. Driscoll's are passionate about strawberry quality and their quest for the perfect strawberry led them to reach around the world to Safetech, who helped them find the best pallet containment system for their produce.

Stretch film had failed Driscoll's and alternative pallet containment methods were both expensive and imperfect. Production analyst with Driscoll’s, Tom Taggart, found Safetech whilst searching the web and after initial contact had been made, a demonstration in the US was arranged.

What Driscoll's discovered was that using 3M stretch tape for pallet wrapping provided better load stability than stretch film and permitted product ventilation. Trials with strawberries road freighted from California to the East Coast confirmed these benefits and Driscoll's hastened to introduce stretch tape wrapping.

"The addition of [Safetech’s] semi-automatic stretch tape wrapping units to our logistics facilities has created improved pallet stability without compromising the demands of our delicate product,” said Mr Taggart. “This innovative technology provides us with a unique quality improvement that is not available anywhere else."

Stretch tape has the great advantage of up to 90% reduction in the volume of waste plastic. Double handling and spoilt product is eliminated when stretch tape is applied at the point of production to foods that are chilled and then transported.

Driscoll's have so far purchased five semi automatic stretch tape wrappers from Safetech and 3M will provide a steady supply of stretch tape. The semi automatic wrappers use a simple touch pad interface and can apply stretch tape accurately and efficiently to all loads.

Safetech also manufacture fully automatic stretch tape wrappers that are supplied with infeed and outfeed driven conveyor and can be integrated into automatic pallet handling systems. Two automatic systems have already been installed in dairy manufacturing plants in Australia.

Safetech design and manufacture the only stretch wrap machines that can apply stretch tape. These wrappers are available as semi automatic or fully automatic models and are in use around Australia.

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