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Safetech's Easy Arm lifting arms help increase production in work cell by 500%

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Easy Arm lifting arms from Safetech  were installed for a components supplier of commercial lawn mowing equipment to increase productivity as well as save time and labour.  

The components supplier had installed a new press brake for forming sheet metal into the decks for large mowers. The brake bends the ends of pre-cut sheet metal and forms deck plates that measure 42-72 inches. The metal sheets are 7 to 10 gauge, and weigh 40-125 pounds.  

According to the Senior Manufacturing Engineer, manual methods only allowed a few to get done per hour in addition to tiring out the workers.  

Forming the sheet metal took two operators and the operation was slow. Additionally, positioning of the sheet metal was difficult.    

A freestanding 330-pound capacity Easy Arm Q lifting arm with an 8-foot span and 14-foot height under boom was installed at the facility. Additionally, customised magnetic tooling from Industrial Magnetics coupled with a remote mount handle and G360 collector were installed to complete the solution.  

Key results from the installation of the Easy Arm lifting arms include reduction in process time from six minutes to two as well as requirement for one less operator, who was moved to another application to further increase company productivity.  

Thanks to the Easy Arm Q lifting arm, the company is now able to do 15-20 pieces per hour with just one operator effortlessly.

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