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Safetech vehicle scissor lift solves secure parking for Porsche collector

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article image Custom built Safetech scissor lift for Sydney Porsche owner

As a collector of private cars a frequent obstacle to over come is a lack of safe and secure parking space. One Sydney Porsche collector has recently turned to Safetech for help with a solution to this problem and installed a custom built scissor lift.

Like many others, the Sydney Porsche owner has overcome his space issue by constructing a basement car park for his valuable collection. With the basement offering sufficient space there was a need for a vehicle hoist to safely lower his precious cars into the parking space.

This Porsche driver has decided to install a custom Safetech scissor lift to provide access to his basement solution. The customised 3 tonne scissor lift has a 6.2 x 3 metre platform, interlocking, push button controlled doors at every level and a locking system that holds the table at ground level.

According to Safetech, the result has been the creation of a car lover’s basement stocked with Porsche cars and no access problem, thanks to Australia’s leading scissor lift.

The Safetech scissor lifts are ideal as reliable car and vehicle hoists thanks to a number of product features. The hoists can easily lift up to 25 tonnes in weight and can be customised in a number of ways including platform size, control options and lift travel. In addition there are options for an interlocking platform and descent protection.

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