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Safetech dock lifts are reliable, robust and productive

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Safetech  offers a range of dock lifts designed for reliability, safety and intuitive use.  

Dock lifts form a critical link between delivery vehicles and the workplace, and can have a substantial impact on productivity and safety.  

Key factors that impact the performance and efficiency of dock lifts include safety and legislative compliance, maintenance costs, intuitive controls, design flexibility to suit individual applications as well as safe and robust boom gates.  

Safetech dock lifts have been installed throughout Australia in companies of all sizes and types, customising the scissor tables to exactly suit specific applications.  

Key features of Safetech dock lifts include remote power unit, pit angles for concrete edge protection, hydraulic load flaps, manual load flaps and a constant running power unit.  

Safetech dock lifts are highly versatile in design, offering different configuration options:  

  • Dock hoists can be cut back into a raised fixed dock
  • Pit mounted in the floor when no fixed dock is available
  • Freestanding in front of a fixed dock or a combination of the above
  • Dock scissor hoists can also be installed in an existing shaft
Safetech’s low profile dock lifts do not require a pit for installation and are available in 1, 2 and 4 tonne models.

Safetech's dock lifts include a market leading boom gate as standard that enhances safety and user convenience.  

Key features of Safetech boom gates:  

  • Enclosed guard lock eliminates accidental opening of the boom gate when it travels to the elevated position
  • Gas struts assist operator when opening boom gate
  • Gas struts housed within the boom mechanism prevent injury to fingers or limbs from pinch points
  • Robust two-piece post provides excellent strength but enables easy access for servicing and maintenance
  • Twin rail boom design complies with NSW’s mandatory safety gate requirements
  • No ‘keeper’ post required for the locking mechanism as it is already positioned at the post pivot point for easy installation
Key safety features in Safetech’s dock lifts:  
  • Operator safety barrier with controls
  • Fencing with kick plates, also available with sheeted in walls
  • Twin boom gates
  • Swing gates
  • Lockable control enclosures for added security
  • Vinyl safety skirts protect against scissor mechanism
  • Safety flaps or safety bar protection against platform descending
  • Variable platform sizes
  • External and remote power packs
  • IP 56 electrical fittings
  • Low profile lifts
  • Fork sockets
  • Platforms including chequer plate, special paints and stainless steel skins
  • Safety skirts
  • Powered traverse
  • Air motors
  • Tandem tables
  • Lifting lugs
  • Personnel lift modifications
Safetech safety check before buying dock lifts  
  • Safety bar standard on all tables with fail-to-safe wiring circuit, optional scissor skirt available
  • Flow control prevents collapse of the platform if the hose is ruptured
  • Hold down lugs to fix the table to the floor for increased stability
  • Roller retainers eliminate upending of the platform or legs lifting from base with dynamic eccentric loading
  • Vent line provides visual indication of oil flow and spillage
  • Maintenance chocks for safe service and maintenance access
  • Normally closed hydraulic valves prevent lift from lowering if power supply is interrupted
  • Highly engineered safety factor in scissor base and legs, platform and hydraulic piping system
  • 24 V in the hand controls

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