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Safetech Gorbel work station crane replaces manual effort in foundry

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A custom ceiling mounted work station bridge crane from Safetech was installed at a foundry to replace manual part handling that was not only creating productivity issues but also causing injury to workers.

Specialising in the manufacture of hard-to-find components for pumps, the foundry had to deal with multiple problems in the absence of a suitable materials handling system.

The work area, where the parts were loaded onto grinding tables was being served by forklifts when possible, but much of the lifting was done manually. Workers, for instance had to manually lift products weighing from 50kg to 150kg, which affected the productivity and caused injury. Other challenges included an uneven floor and a 10m x 25m work area.

The customer purchased a 2-tonne capacity Gorbel work station crane with custom supports to serve the entire work area. The crane provides complete coverage to the entire facility using a combination of support structures.

Key features of the Gorbel work station crane installed at the foundry:

  • Support at four points, each with a different configuration 
  • Runways supported with ceiling mounted hangers on the low end of the sloping floor 
  • Second support point suspended from the ceiling on one side and a cantilevered support at the other end 
  • Third support features a standard freestanding header 
  • Cantilevered supports hold both the runways at the end of the system facing an adjacent work bay, which needed to remain accessible 
Extremely satisfied with the final installation, the plant manager at the foundry comments that Gorbel systems are very flexible, given the support options offered on their workstation cranes. 

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