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Safetech AT2-90 hydraulic tilter used for coil titling operation

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Leading fabricators of metal electrical enclosures for the power industry have chosen the Safetech AT2-90 hydraulic tilter for their coil titling operation.

The customer receives heavy steel coils on pallets that need to be tilted 90º so that they are horizontal and ready to be loaded onto unwinders. These coils are approximately 950mm in diameter and 1,600kg in weight so manual handling is not possible. Tilting the coils and support pallet through 90º must be safe and controlled. Some companies ‘flip’ coils using forklift tynes, but this is unsafe and damaging to the product.

The Safetech AT2-90 hydraulic tilter was chosen for its simplicity of operation, safety and controlled movement of the heavy coil. A V-shaped cradle securely supports the round coil so it cannot slide or roll. The cradle also has a space for pallet.

Following are the benefits of the Safetech AT2-90 hydraulic tilter:

  • Can be easily relocated within factory by forklift
  • Plugs into a 3 phase outlet
  • Gentle tilting process - no damage to product
  • Can be used by any personnel with minimal training for safe operation
  • Tilt loads both directions so coil can be tilted onto or off a pallet

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