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Prestretch system for stretch tape

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article image Less wasteful than stretch film.

SAFETECH has released a prestretch system that delivers up to 15% increased stretch for each roll of stretch tape. Customers using the automatic stretch tape wrapper get an extra 15% of stretch and those using the semiautomatic version receive between 5% to 10% more from stretch tape rolls.

Stretch tape offers a more efficient and less wasteful method of pallet wrapping than conventional stretch film. Customers who chill product and those who wrap hot goods benefit from the ventilation allowed by stretch tape. The tape prevents the need for double handling and double wrapping pallets and also provides energy savings by decreasing the time spent to chill the pallet.

Other users to benefit from stretch tape include customers receiving pallets into automated handling systems because tape doesn't create plastic dags and overhang like stretch film. Using stretch tape instead of stretch film reduces waste plastic volumes by 95% and weights by 70%.

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