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Pallet inverters speed handling times

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SAFETECH manufactures a range of pallet inverters that are robust and proven in a variety of environments. Users benefit by avoiding double handling of products and reducing the risk of injury to workers by eliminating manual stacking and restacking of pallets.

Safetech pallet inverters are capable of handling widely varying load dimensions and weights of up to 2000kgs.

Pallet inverters are used for the rotation of pallet loads where exchange of pallets or inversion of product is required. Without a pallet inverter it is necessary to load and unload the pallets by hand which is slow and difficult and potentially a source of worker injury.

An inverter eliminates the need for manual intervention and therefore eliminates the injury risk whilst significantly increasing cycle times and productivity.

Pallet inverters are physically quite large and usually stand alone machines although they can be integrated into a conveyor line and comprise part of a pallet inversion and transfer system.

The inverters consist of a fixed baseframe with a rotating frame incorporating a clamp mechanism. The clamp is hydraulically actuated while the rotation occurs through the large precision bearing and torque boosted electric drive motor.

All functions of the inverter are controlled by the on-board PLC controller and provide consistent, trouble free operation. The operator (usually the forklift driver) needs to press only one button to initiate a full cycle.

Applications include:

Food manufacturers who wish to eliminate wooden pallets from the processing floor. The timber pallet can be swapped for an in-house plastic or steel pallet, which conforms to "clean room" standards.

In automated storage and retrieval systems where pallets are routinely checked and defective pallet loads are flagged for exchange.

When goods earmarked for export are sitting on rental or in-house pallets and must be transferred to another pallet (or slip sheet) suitable for export.

Pallet loads which need to be straightened and "squared up" on the pallet

Pallet inverters operate on automatic cycles and operators and other workers in the vicinity need to be protected from any contact with the inverter as it rotates. Safety fences are essential and interlock electronic curtains add extra security to workplaces. Safetech 1800 674 566.

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