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Pallet dispensers and accumulators

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SAFETECH have released a new range of pallet dispensers/pallet accumulators. Designed and manufactured in Australia, they store and automatically dispense pallets onto sections of conveyor or to floor height.

Alternatively, pallet dispensers can act as pallet accumulators when operated in reverse. They can be integrated into conveyor systems or used as stand alone dispensers positioned on the factory or warehouse floor.

The Safetech range includes four different types of dispensers utilising either a lift table or tyne arms to raise and lower the pallet stack.

The conveyor system dispensers can either be placed alongside or above the conveyor line if floor space is at a premium.

Safetech also has a stand alone dispenser that can be loaded by a forklift on one side and unloaded on the other side by a hand pallet truck - thus permitting the creation of a fork-free zone yet eliminating the manual handling of pallets.

Pallet dispensers/accumulators are increasingly popular factory items because they eliminate the difficult task of lifting and stacking empty pallets. The average pallet weighs in excess of 25kg and represents a considerable manual-handling hazard.

For automated handling systems pallet dispensers ensure that pallets are available to stack product.

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