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PFP Technologies selects Safetech’s Smartlift table

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article image AS2-1800T Smartlift table

PFP Technologies is Singapore-based company manufacturing innovative computer controlled production machinery.

A manufacturing and wholesaler of industrial products required a device to manoeuvre unusual pipe and tube products.

PFP Technologies chose the eight (8) metre tandem AS2-1800T Smartlift table from Safetech; for its individual design and comprehensive safety features.

PFP Technologies experienced difficulty when handling large pipes within their plant; due to the weight, length and diameter of the product. Without this table they risked product damage and injury to operators.

PFP Technologies found the Smartlift to improve productivity when load-elevating their goods within their plant in Singapore.

The table’s capacity meant that more pipe and tube products could be manoeuvred in one (1) single lift.

Attention to detail and midstream modifications made without altering the delivery time proved to increase productivity. The competitive price of this product was hard to beat.

Manual handling of products within the plant was causing a high risk to employees increasing injury and physical strain on bodies.

PFP Technologies chose to deal with an Australian Manufacturing company with engineering expertise.

The Smartlift table is designed and manufactured by Safetech .

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