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Lifting and shifting gearboxes with Gorbel workstation cranes from Safetech

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article image Gorbel workstation cranes installed at Union Hydraulics

Assembling hydraulic power units, compressors, winches and gearboxes requires alot of repetitive lifting which is time consuming and risks injury. To solve these problems, Union Hydraulics approached Safetech for advice on lifting and materials handling equipment.

Union Hydraulics have been building hydraulic and pneumatic equipment in regional Victoria for nearly four decades. Workers assembling and building these industrial products are often handling items that can easily weigh several kilograms. They can vary considerably in size and shape and after assembly they need to be transported to the test area and then to despatch.

All of these activities involve injury risk and create productivity losses.

Union Hydraulics value their skilled workforce and, following a visit from Safetech, purchased two Gorbel workstation crane systems to improve productivity and worker safety.

The first Gorbel freestanding workstation cranes included dual 500 kg bridges. The overall runway length was nearly 8m with 3.9m bridges and a 500mm cantilever. The second crane was a 1000 kg system.

The workstation cranes selected combine work cell coverage with ease of movement, provide flexibility, and allow multiple work bays to be served by one crane.

Union Hydraulics Manager, Dennis, simply uses the word awesome to describe the results of installing the Gorbel workstation cranes.

“A single worker can now lift and move large jobs from the clean room to the test units and on to the wash tubs. I have had a single worker use the twin 500 bridge cranes to assemble, test and despatch jobs up to 1000kgs. They save time and money,” says Dennis. 

Since the crane was installed, injuries and worker fatigue are no longer concerns, productivity has increased, as has worker morale.

Union Hydraulics have now installed two large crane systems and are in the process of acquiring a third Gorbel crane system. The result is a bottom line improvement to safety, productivity and profitability.

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