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Lift tables with work bench options

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article image Safetech’s new lift table – with efficiency enhancements.

PRODUCTIVITY combines with safety in the new range of workbench options developed by Safetech for its lift tables.

Safetech recognised that conventional lift tables can fail to provide maximum benefit if efforts aren't made to integrate the table into the individual work environment.

Office work spaces and desks have changed but attempts to optimise the factory workers environment and workspace have been limited.

Safetech's new lift table options aim to improve this situation by adding custom features that match the worker to their task to enhance work efficiency and increase occupational safety.

A common problem with many lift table applications is the trailing electrical cord from tools being used on the table. They create trip hazards, get in the way of the worker and represent a serious electrocution risk. This problem is solved with Safetech’s new on-board power outlets - up to four can be supplied per table - they are earthed and trailing power cords are eliminated.

Walking around a table to elevate it can be inefficient - Safetech’s tables can now be supplied with multiple hand or foot controls on any side of the table. Rotation of the work can be easily achieved with an in-built turntable.

Assembly work can be made safer and more efficient with the assistance of a tilting deck that presents componentry to the worker.

A light source can also be supplied with the table to illuminate the work.

The Safetech lift table can incorporate a slide out tray to store items, such as plans and tools, that need to be close at hand.

Other options that can be supplied include plumbing for air hoses and welded edge tabs to store tools and welding guns.

Safetech's in-house engineering staff can also work with customers who require other personalised alterations.

Ideal applications for Safetech’s lift tables include fabrication, assembly processes and any other industrial task where lift tables are used as work benches.

Designing workbenches to fit the task and the work processes is consistent with ‘Lean’ business thinking and provides significant payback via increased productivity, morale and improved safety.

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