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Lift and tilt scissor tables

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SAFETECH has added two new tilt table options to their product range.

They were developed from the leading AS series of scissor lift tables that are widely in use throughout Australian factories and warehouses.

The first is an AS2-900-40 Lift and Tilt table that combines a sturdy Safetech scissor lift table with a robust 40° tilt deck.

The lift table has 1,800kg capacity with a fully tilt integrated tilt platform that can tilt the load 40°. This provides easy access to stillage crates, bins, boxes and other containers that are placed on the platform.

The operator can safely and simply elevate and tilt the load at the push of a button and then unload from the containers with ease.

The second addition to Safetech's range is the AS2-40 tilt table. It doesn't have a scissor lift base but simply tilts the load to 40°.

Both units can be customised for use with a wide range of containers and Safetech design and manufacturing standards are in accordance with all Australian regulations.

Common applications for tilt scissor tables include assembly line work, automotive part access, decanting of liquids and any other job where safe, controlled lifting and tilting is required.

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