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Intelligent easy lifting arm

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article image Easy Arm in operation.

THE G-Force Easy Arm is the newest addition to the Gorbel family of material handling equipment from Safetech known as intelligent assist devices (IADs).

Safetech combined its patented G-Force technology with an industrial processor-controlled drive system, and integrated them into an ergonomic articulating jib design.

Available in 70kg capacity with standard spans of 1.8m, 2.4m, and 3m.

G-Force technology provides the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator plus the power of a machine.

More precise than hoists, more responsive than air balancers, G-Force technology integrated in the Easy Arm design improves safety, productivity and quality.

The versatile design is suitable for lifting applications that involve:

* Reaching under obstructions/low headroom applications - wire goes over a pulley on the beam so the headroom taken by the G-Force actuator is not lost.

* Moving products in a work cell.

* Palletising.

* Reach around obstructions.

* Reach into work cells/doorways.

* Rapid change in direction.

No foundation is required. A simple 4-bolt hole pattern means it can be located almost anywhere.

Easy Arm is delivered pre-assembled. To install, bolt the mast to any reinforced floor. Raise the arm, level and add power. Easy Arm is now operational.

Relocation is simple. Unbolt, shift and reinstall.

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