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Safetech  is an Australian scissor lift and material handling company providing a range of lifting and handling products. Safetech’s low profile hoists have been an instant hit with self storage companies who use hoists for access to a mezzanine level. Advantages of Safetech low profile pitless design includes easy installation with no need for a concrete pit, trouble free servicing from inside the booth and no need to maintain the pit for drainage. These goods hoists are available in a range of weight capacities and booth dimensions. 

Key features:

  • Low Profile - No pit required. Safetech's standard goods hoists are designed with a floor height of typically less than 40mm. This simplifies installation as the hoist can simply be bolted to the floor without any need for a pit excavation. Pit maintenance is eliminated. These low profile hoists require a ramp that is only 25 cm long and are supplied as part of the hoist.
  • Unique customer friendly controls - Hoists use a stainless steel, intuitive user interface that is easy to use. These controls have been specifically designed to ensure simple operation from even untrained operators.
  • Safetech's CAD design means that most service and maintenance operations can be conducted from within the booth.
  • Exact customisation to a customer's dimensions and requirements.
  • On Board hydraulic power unit standard for most models

Applications include:

  • Dock Levelers
  • Self Storage units
  • Mezzanine and between floor lifts
  • Warehouse and office lifts

Safetech manufactures both column and scissor profile freight hoists. Capacities range from 1 tonne single pallet hoists to scissor table hoists capable of loads up to 10 tonne and 8 pallets. Different combinations of loads and capacities in-between these dimensions can be supplied to suit individual requirements.

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