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High speed precision based lifting device

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article image The G-Force is available in two capacities -- 150lb and 300lb (136kg).

SAFETECH has introduced a new lifting device that provides operators with a virtual ‘bionic arm’ to enable safe, rapid movement of loads up to 136kgs.

The G-Force is the result of four years of intensive development work by Gorbel in the US and is the forerunner to a new class of lifting products known as Intelligent Assist Devices.

The G-Force uses patented technology and an industrial processor controlled drive system to deliver lifting precision and speed.

G-Force is already in wide use in the US and typical applications involve rapid, frequent movement of products such as metal castings, automotive parts, motors, pumps, aircraft parts, batteries and industrial equipment componentry.

It was awarded Product of the Year by the US Plant Engineering magazine.

G-Force features include:

· Pinpoint precision - offering precision and speeds from 30cm/m to 85mpm, giving the control needed to finesse fragile parts.

· Blazing speeds -- with speeds exceeding 85mpm, the G-Force BXi and BX travel up to four times faster than traditional high end lifting devices currently on the market.

· Anti-recoil technology -- unlike systems with centrifugal brakes (i.e. air balancers), the G-Force does not move when there is a sudden change of load.

· Customisation opportunities -- the G-Force BXi series features four digital inputs and outputs. The external I/O can be customised to individual needs. They can be used independently or integrated with end tooling to make dumb tooling.

· Protection of fragile parts with virtual limits -- the BXi can be easily taught to stop or reduce speed when it reaches a specific point in its lifting range.

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