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Goods and Freight Hoists available from Safetech

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Safetech  have developed a new low profile Goods/Freight hoist that eliminates the need to pit mount the hoist. The new goods hoist has been designed so that it can achieve a low height of 45mm, which allows easy loading of the booth for most customers with hand pallet trucks, trolleys and hand trucks.

The goods hoist retains the same features and durability of construction as all Safetech goods hoists and is available in a range of weight capacities and booth dimensions.

Following are the specifications of the goods hoists:

  • Minimum platform sizes 1200mm x 1200mm
  • Maximum platform size 3000mm x 3000mm
  • Travel of 6 M is possible in the 3000kg model and greater travel can be achieved in lower capacity units
  • Available in a range of door configurations

Safetech freight hoists are controlled by a printed circuit (PCB) with an LCD panel as the operator interface. This PCB provides diagnostic control and has the ability to customise control functions if required.

Freight hoists can be used in the following applications:

  • Dock Levellers
  • Self storage units
  • Mezzanine and between floor lifts
  • Warehouse and office lifts

Safetech manufacture both column and scissor profile freight hoists. Capacities range from 1 tonne single pallet hoists to scissor table hoists capable of loads up to 10 tonne and 8 pallets. Almost any combination of loads and capacities in-between these dimensions can be supplied to suit individual requirements.

There are two basic freight hoist designs - the column lift and the scissor table hoist.

  • Column lifts: These lifts use a single telescoping hydraulic cylinder to power the lift and are suitable in applications where there is no concrete pit.
  • Scissor lifts: These lifts combine a base and scissor leg set with a platform. They are suitable for larger loads and bigger platforms and require a much deeper pit.

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