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Safetech has recently provided an iron ore miner with a Goods Hoist for their Pilbara maintenance facility. The maintenance crew needed a heavy duty hoist that was able to transfer up to 2.5 tonnes of tool boxes, gas bottles, welding equipment and reconditioning parts to their mezzanine floors. The Pilbara team needed a heavy duty hoist that allowed the facility operator to maximise site usage in a safe and efficient manner.

Safetech introduced a custom 2.5 tonnes Goods Hoist, which featured 2 pack epoxy paint, heavy duty steel slat, powered roller doors and a remote power pack with IP56 switch gear. The hoist was also clad in metrospan, heavy duty colorbond with weatherproof flashings.

This provided the Pilbara team a robust, easy to use 2.5 tonne freight lift, which eliminated safety problems that previously caused problems with storage and lifting of equipment on the site. Safetech’s Goods Hoists are ideal material handling equipment for moving goods between floor levels and can be positioned internally on site or externally to a building.

Features of Safetech Goods Hoists:

  • Low height less than 40 mm – no pit required for most applications. Save on install time and money. Pit maintenance eliminated
  • Unique customer friendly controls - Our hoists use a stainless steel, intuitive user interface that is easy to use.
  • Safetech's design ensures that most service operations can be conducted from within the booth.
  • Freight hoist dimensions can be supplied to your exact requirements
  • On Board hydraulic power unit standard for most models
Safetech Goods Hoists are also applicable for a wide variety of sites and industries, including warehouses, office lifts, car dealerships, distribution centres, shopping centres, self storage facilities, residential apartments and even supermarkets.

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