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Ergonomic lifting study - a Safetech solution

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AN ergonomic lifting study from the Rochester Institute of Technology has shown that users of Intelligent Assist Devices receive substantial financial and productivity gains.

The study, available from Safetech , compared the performance of Gorbel's G Force to manual lifting; an air balancer with pendant control; a variable frequency chain hoist; an electric balancer; and an air balancer with electric controls.

The study focused on these devices in the following applications:

* High cycle applications - assessing productivity and energy expenditure. This was tested using a typical palletising application.

* Precision placements - assessing productivity, energy expenditure and potential for product damage. This test measured placing loads on a table with a load plate to measure the force on impact.

* Inertia management (rapid directional change) - assessing force required to reverse the direction of a load.

The results were dramatic.

The high cycle test showed that operators were 68% more productive with G Force than with other methods. G Force also required less energy expenditure to lift than any other device.

Precision placement conclusions were that G Force usage meant that operators were 2.5 times less likely to damage a load than with other lifting devices. Productivity for this application was increased by 51%.

Results for the inertia management test were equally impressive with the G Force requiring 5.8 times less force to change direction.

These tests show that the Gorbel G Force clearly provides significant benefits to users beyond what might typically be expected from a lifting device.

The G Force return on investment is made through productivity, injury prevention, decreased product damage, and the facilitation of jobs that would otherwise require two people or not be suited to manual labour.

For more information about the G Force or if you would like a copy of the study please contact Safetech.

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