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Easy Arm Q Model Customised Magnetic Tooling available from Safetech

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Safetech introduces the Easy Arm Q Model, a customised magnetic tooling ideal for lawn mower manufacturers when it comes to handling sheet metal into the decks of large lawn mowers.

When a new brake is installed, in lawn mower manufacturing, it would require two operators to manually lift and hold the sheet metal while it is being formed. The sheet metal needs three bends, which require the sheet to be loaded and turned 180 degrees for the second folding and then repositioned for the third bend.

Created by Industrial Magnetics, the Easy Arm Q Model weighs 150kg with 4.5m span and 3.5m height under the boom. When coupled with a G360 remote mount handle, the Easy Arm Q Model customised magnetic tooling allows only one worker to pick up the sheet metal, engage float mode and easily position the sheet into the press brake. The G360 even allows the sheet metal to be sun and positioned so that all three bends can be completed without setting the load down.

The Easy Arm Q Model, available from Safetech, has reduced the time spent bending sheet metal from six minutes to two minutes.  It has also helped improve company productivity by allowing the spare staff to continue their tasks in other applications of lawn mowing manufacturing.

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